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Technology Reveals Unforgetable Images

Posted by Angela Sutton on

A fascinating world exists all around us,  much smaller than the eye can see. Every year Nikon's Annual Small World Photo Competition showcases it and some of the competition pictures are below....  Yes - That's what algae and sand look like, up close!!
Cosmarium 100x

Cosmarium Algae (100x magnification)

Coral Sand (100x magnification)

Do these kinds of discoveries intrigue you? .... Perhaps you have a science project to complete or are heading outdoors?.... Uncover this world and get insights into how it works, starting with your very own cellphone.  Clip a macro lens or microscope onto the phone and suddenly you can see items way up close.  Hit "photo" or "record" to take photos and videos.  Ta-Dah!   

Try this clip-on lens kit with 10x macro or this clip-on 60x- 100x microscope for starters. If you have a PC, try this PC 2MP 50 - 500x microscope for even higher magnification. Breathtaking !  Enjoy ! 

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