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12x Telephoto Zoom Lens for SmartPhones

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Want to take larger than life, higher quality pictures and videos while you are on the go ?

This smartphone clip-on lens
  • Turns almost any smartphone into a fully fledged camera
  • Lets you zoom in on people, wildlife etc. while maintaining high quality pictures/video
Compare this with the lower quality of your smartphone's existing zoom function that loses image quality rapidly when you zoom (since it magnifies digitally instead of optically zooming) and can't zoom in by more than 4x typically


    • Clips on to your phone/tablet in seconds 
    • Works for most phones/tablets including Apple iPhone, iPad, as well as HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, Toshiba phones


    • You may want to consider using this lens with a smartphone tripod to obtain the most steady pictures and videos
    • If you only need 10x  magnification, consider this 10x zoom instead - It has a fixed magnification and is more compact and therefore does not need a tripod


    • Zoom Lens: Magnifies by 12x
    • Adjustable focus
    • Package includes
      • 12X zoom Lens Cap
      • 12X zoom Lens
      • Clip that firmly attaches lens to Tablet, PC or Phone (up to 0.6in/1.5cm thick)


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