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Carry this super compact emergency space blanket with you in your car, bike bag and backpack to ensure that you don’t freeze in the event of being stuck in a cold or windy environment.   This blanket works using technology specifically designed to keep you warm – Its reflective inside surface returns body heat back to you – Its waterproof polyethylene colored outside keeps water and wind out and makes the blanket easy to wrap around your body and other surfaces.   I even use it to keep my dogs warm when they are crated in my minivan.


  • Stores in a tiny space - Fits easily into backpack, bike bag, or car glove compartment
  • Reflective coating on inside for warmth
  • Polyethylene on outside for strength
  • Waterproof
  • Bright color enables folks to find you in an emergency
  • Doubles up as windbreak, canopy, picnic blanket, dog crate cover
  • Choice of colors: Green


  • Size: 6.89 * 4.27ft (210 * 130cm)
  • Weight: 2.43oz (69g)

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